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Focused on the Systems You Can’t See


We Focus on the Systems You Can’t See

As well and septic system technology has evolved over the last 100 years, these particular systems have become critical components of the modern home. When regular maintenance or repairs become neglected, these systems can be costly to repair, pose safety concerns to residents, and cause damage to the surrounding environment. We spare our clients the hassle of the unknown by providing a detailed assessment outlining the current condition of each system including any areas of concern and existing issues discovered during the inspection.

Blue Ridge Underground Inspections is dedicated to ensuring our clients are informed and knowledgeable about their home’s underground water systems. After each inspection, our inspectors take the time to review their findings with our clients along with how the systems work and how to maintain each system going forward. Proper ongoing maintenance increases the safety of the home’s water supply and the lifespan of the systems.

Blue Ridge Underground Inspections is an active member of the Maryland Onsite Waste Professionals Association (MOWPA), and each inspector is certified by InterNACHI as well as the State of Maryland to inspect well and septic systems and test water quality.

Septic Inspections
Septic Inspections

Putting Our Clients First

From whichever side of the real estate transaction you’re standing on, it is beneficial to fully understand the current condition of the home’s water supply, well, and septic system— when we perform each inspection, that’s our goal, putting our client first, every single time. When our clients understand the condition of the home’s water quality and water-related systems, they are positioned to make informed decisions when requesting repairs or budgeting for future maintenance.

Inspection Report in 24 Business Hours

Once each inspection is complete, our certified inspectors will gather their findings into a comprehensive inspection report. Within 24 business hours, the report is provided to our client and their real estate agent, when applicable. The report visually explains the current condition of the inspected system(s) and the past weather history to provide additional context and reasoning for the findings while using straightforward descriptions for ease of understanding. 

Homegauge CRL Digital Report for Septic Inspections

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We offer professional underground well and septic inspections in Frederick, Carroll, Montgomery, and Washington counties.

Blue Ridge Underground Inspections

Blue Ridge Underground Inspections provides customer-first inspection services for real estate property transfers in the state of Maryland. Each inspection is designed to inform clients of the condition of their well and septic systems, including the quality of the home's water. After each inspection, the inspector reviews the inspection results, how the systems function, and the recommended system maintenance to extend the life of the system(s) with the client. 

For greater convenience, Saturday appointments and light septic repairs are available by request. We also accept online payments through our easy-to-use scheduling system at the time of scheduling. Schedule your well/septic inspection today.