Blue Ridge Underground Inspections

Blue Ridge Underground Inspections believes in educating each client and providing a seamless and timely experience for their Real Estate agent. As a primary system in the home and one that can significantly impact the wellness of the home’s residents and the surrounding environment, our mission is to inform our clients on the current condition of the well and septic systems, how they function, and how they are best maintained. This information is the key to responding to sellers when repairs are needed and extending the life of water-based home systems.


Happy family after getting their septic inspected by Blue Ridge Underground Septic Inspectors


Our inspections cover the critical components involved in each system inspected. The inspection identifies concerns, reveals defects, and pinpoints areas that may need attention in the future for the system to continue functioning properly.

What to Expect During the Inspection

The inspector will start the inspection by locating the components of each system. After the inspection is complete, the inspector will review the findings with the client and then explain how the system functions and how the system is best maintained going forward. Clients have the option to attend the post-inspection review on-site or virtually.

What Real Estate Agents can Expect

We work directly with your client to advise on appropriate inspections, schedule the inspection to fit within the contract’s inspection timeline, and address any initial inspection questions up front. Within 24 business hours of the inspection, we will provide you with a copy of the inspection report. 

Follow Up Support

If there are any questions after the inspection is completed, the client or their Real Estate Agent can reach our team by phone at 301.621.4903 or by email at

Septic Inspector Peter Murray

Peter Murray

Peter is the broker/owner of Murray & Co Real Estate. After working with home buyers and sellers for nearly a decade, Peter noticed a need for more consumer education about private water and  wastewater systems. When working with his clients, Peter realized his clients often didn’t understand their inspection results. The lack of knowledge made it harder for the buyer to make educated decisions about responding to the seller when repairs were needed.

To help buyers and their real estate agent during a transaction involving a house with a well or septic system, Peter and Kyle teamed up to create a standardized report following InterNACHI and Maryland’s Department of Environment procedures for well and septic inspections for resale transactions. Improved inspection reports paired with educating clients on how their systems function have resulted in a more informed consumer.

Peter enjoys spending time with his family  and fixing up Power Wheels for his children in his free time. Peter can often be found biking or skateboarding around Downtown Frederick.

Septic Inspector Kyle Tielking

Kyle Tielking

Kyle Tielking is a certified well and septic/wastewater inspector and a water quality tester. Kyle is customer-focused; this is most evident when he interacts with each Blue Ridge Underground Inspections client as he explains the findings from each inspection. He wants to make sure each of our clients walk away understanding the current state of each system, how they function, and how to maintain them going forward.

In Kyle’s free time, he loves hiking, snowboarding, and going to the beach. He also coaches lacrosse locally, is a fitness enthusiast, and a strength & conditioning coach in Montgomery and Frederick counties.

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We offer professional underground well and septic inspections in Frederick, Carroll, Montgomery, and Washington counties.

Blue Ridge Underground Inspections

Blue Ridge Underground Inspections provides customer-first inspection services for real estate property transfers in the state of Maryland. Each inspection is designed to inform clients of the condition of their well and septic systems, including the quality of the home's water. After each inspection, the inspector reviews the inspection results, how the systems function, and the recommended system maintenance to extend the life of the system(s) with the client. 

For greater convenience, Saturday appointments and light septic repairs are available by request. We also accept online payments through our easy-to-use scheduling system at the time of scheduling. Schedule your well/septic inspection today.